Thursday, 26 September 2013


Have you heard about the place called "The Ruins"? It was located at the farmlands of Talisay City Negros Occidental. About 40-50minutes travel from Bacolod City downtown.
It was an mansion owned by Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson a spanish-filipino sugar baron and it was built in the memory of his european wife Maria  Braga Lacson after her death. They had the biggest mansion in the province at that time. It was made with cement mixed with egg whites. And this mansion have europen and asian furnishings. There is an fountain outside the mansion sorrounded by beautiful lilies.

In the early part of World War II, Don Mariano found out that the japanese forces were planning to make the mansion their headquarters, so he asked the filipino guerillas to burn his mansion to prevent japanese from making it as their headquarters. And it took days for them to bring down the mansion. But the architecture remains. 

And now "The Ruins" was known as one of the most famous tourist spot in Bacolod City.