Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Help for Philippines !!!

              My dear friends! We have a big and organized event where everyone can literally have a chance to save life of Filipino citizens. Together with other Polish people who live on surrounding islands, we started helping people affected by the strongest typhoon ever that destroyed many islands killing at least 10,000 inhabitants. According to regional information, but also to friends, we know the situation after the catastrophe well. Hundreds of people are fighting for their lives every single day waiting for some help: especially water and food. That’s why we decided to take some responsibility instead of just a useless talk. You can help us too by sharing this information wherever you can (friends, companies, organizations, etc). And, the most important, you can donate money into accounts specified below. In the response to your questions “how much” I reply, as much as you can. In these circumstances every coin counts and gives a hope.

POLISH ACCOUNT: 76 2490 1044 0000 4200 7619 9146 (alior sync) 
 Mirosław Nowakowski 87-070 , Boluminek 19A

or PHILIPPINE ACCOUNT BPI Bank: 2249-1825-51
Swift code: BOPIPHMM
Routing nr: CH005873
Aiza Sante Mahilum

  I know that it is all over the news, but this is the newest video from tvn. http://fakty.tvn24.pl/ogladaj-online,60/filipiny-pilnie-potrzebna-pomoc-po-uderzeniu-tajfunu,370512.html Just recently I have informed you about a huge earthquake. Three weeks passed and the nature called again. Unfortunately I witnessed both of these events. Surely they made me stronger, but also more humble towards nature and its power of creation and destruction. I thank to all of you who have helped already. YOU ARE GREAT! THANK YOU! „Don’t search for a mistake – search for a repair” – said Henry Ford. So, let’s repair together and let others come back to their normal lives. We are looking forward any kind of help and contact from you. If you have any queries, do not hesitate and call us or write to us.
SKYPE : mariusz.nowakowski.skype
PHONE : 52 5611580 (skype number)
PHILIPPINE MOBILE: +63 949906497