Saturday, 26 October 2013

Panaad Sa Negros

It is known as "The mother of all festivals" in Negros Province. It is a conglomerate of 32 festival from the cities and towns in Negros. Held in Panaad Park and Stadium in Mansilingan where you can see the history, culture, trades, tourism and agriculture.

There are many booths where you can buy different kinds of flowers and orchids. And ofcourse Kiosk where you can eat and drink. In the first day of the celebration is the opening of the booths . We already know that Negros is very rich in history, culture and arts. You can see it through the booths of cities and municipalities of the province. They have in booths their products. 

There are many activities in the festival such as "Lin-ay sang Negros", Annual derby, Organic forums are always there, elohym musical contest, Rondalla competition, Taekwondo, Latin dance sport competition, hip-hop dance competition, boxing, dog show, drum and bugle competition, folk dances competition, popdance showdown, and cultural show in ilonggo. And every night there are many live bands.

They also celebrates the farmers day. And ofcourse there is the Festival dance competition, participated by differents groups of different towns and cities in Negros. At the last night of the celebration theres a fireworks display.