Tuesday, 8 October 2013

18th Street Pala-pala Seafood Restaurant.

If you love seafoods the 18th Street Pala-pala Seafood Restaurant is the best place for you. 18th Street Pala-pala Restaurant is located in corner 18th and Aguinaldo Street. It is known for its affordable and great tasting foods. Pala-pala is a seafood grill and restaurant that brings the experience of dining in a beautiful and traditional Filipino atmosphere.
They have air-conditioned function rooms available for private parties. There is an seafood selection area where you can choose what you want and the seafoods are really fresh. You can specify how you want your seafood to be cooked, the most favorite ofcourse is the tinola style , sinugba, sizzling  and even steak. The fish kinilaw, shrimp lusgos, sizzling squid, and calamares, are just some of the many specialties.

There are also three ways to order, they call it Pala-pala or Paluto, Alacarte or Ready to cook, and Turo-turo or Ready to eat. Except of seafoods they also serve vegies like laswa, ginataang langka, pinakbet, and many more. They have grilled dishes to choose from, like fish, scallops, crabs, lobsters, also chicken and pork.
Want to try the famous Filipino seafoods? You can now dine at 18th Street Pala-pala Restaurant
with very affordable price and delicious foods.