Sunday, 20 October 2013

Filipino “Kakanin” derived from the word “Kanin” means rice.

   Biko – it is a Filipino rice cake made from sticky rice (malagkit rice), brown sugar, and coconut milk. First, rice must be cooked and then put the sugar in rice and mix it. Now make latik (coconut milk residue). If the Bikos is already cooked put it in a banana leaves and top with latik. 

Puto -  most favorite “kakanin” of Filipinos. It is also made of rice. You just have to wash the rice and mix it with cooked rice and add water and let it stay for about 5hrs and then grind it. After grinding mix it with sugar, milk, baking soda, little salt, coconut milk, and cheese. And you have to use steamer for cooking. Put a mixture in a cupcake cup and put it in the steamer and wait until it was cooked.

Bibingka – it is also made of rice sometimes all-purpose flour with sugar, milk, coconut milk, baking soda and cheese. If you will use malagkit rice you have to used grind rice, add the sugar, milk, cocnut milk, baking soda, cheese and ofcourse water and mix it. Then get the baking cups and put banana leaves and then put the mixture, you can add cheese as toppings and bake it. Then your bibingka is ready.

Maruya – made of banana. First slice the Banana (saba)  and make a mixture of all-purpose flour, sugar, little salt, and water. Then put the sliced banana in the mixture and you can now fry it in a boiling cooking oil. And after frying, put it in a plate and put some sugar then it’s ready to eat.

Carioca – this pinoy food is made from sweet rice (malagkit rice), dough or galapong that is rolled like a ball and deep fried in a boiling cooking oil and then dipped in a sweet coconut syrup before skewering in a bamboo stick.

Sapin-sapin it is a layered ground rice. It is made from rice flour, coconut milk, sugar, and cocnut flakes sprinkled on top.  It is a dessert that I layered and for its layer it has different colors. It also sweetened and flavored with coconut milk.

Bitso-bitso - delicacy that is crispy and sweet outside but chewy inside. It is made with fried rice flour then coated with muscovado sugar syrup, usually the the dough was twisted and deep fried. Then it is placed in the mix of muscovado sugar and dried out. Then when its already cooked the sugar became crispy coating for the fried rice flour.