Sunday, 20 October 2013

Babaylan Festival

It is a festival in Bago City Negros Occidental, celebrated during the month of February. It was based on the rituals performed by Babaylan ( filipino believes that they are persons who is gifted to heal the spirit and the body), just like making ritual of marriage, baptish, healing and harvest. And they believe that they get their powers from the unseen spirits.

During their celebration they have many activities. In the opening night of the festival they have Fireworks display. Their are many events in the Bago City public plaza like Hip-hop dance showdown.
They have a pageant called "Diwata sang Bago" for women and the "Mr. Most Muscular" for men.
They also have a cooking competition using rice, the Dog Walk Exhibition, and Cock derby.
They also celebrates the farmers day as a part of the festival. Street Party is always a part of a festival that many people really enjoys. And some local artist also visits the City during the festival.

And ofcourse the most awaited part of the festival is the Babaylan Festival Street Dancing Competition, where the groups are competing for their costumes and performances. Its like they are performing with rituals. And at the last night of the festival there's also a fireworks display.
You have to witness the Babaylan Festival ang you will surely enjoy it.