Monday, 14 October 2013

Filipino Delicacies

 Bukayo - it is made from young coconut strips cooked in boiling sugar syrup then stir until thicken, it is one of the most popular pasalubong of Filipinos.
 Suman - is a Filipino dessert made of "Malagkit Rice" (sticky rice), coconut milk and brown sugar. ou just have to cook the rice with water then when the rice is already cooked just put it a side. Pour the coconut milk and brown sugar into a pot and stir until sugar and milk blended and become thick. Then mix the coconut milk and sugar mixture to the cooked malagkit rice. Then let it cool and you can serve it the way you want.

Barquillos - it is the top Bacolod's goodies, its like thin wafers, spinkled with sesame seeds and rolled into a tabular shape, it is crunchy so you will surely enjoy eating it. Its perfect to pair with ice cream. There are different flavors such as plain, ube, pandan, and strawberry.

Linupak - mixture of boiled unripe saba bananas, grated coconut, sugar and butter. Bananas should be pounded using a big native mortar and pestle.

Pinasugbo - it is an unique saba banana slice thinly soaked in water with salt and then fry it directly. Then melt muscovado sugar with water and simmer until it gets thick to make sugar syrup, dip the fried bananas to sugar syrup, just dry it and sprinkle sesame seeds. You now have the pinasugbo.

Piaya - is a flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado or raw sugar. It is very famous in Negros because we all know that Negros is the sugar capital of the Philippines. It has two flavors plain piaya and the ube piaya.