Monday, 14 October 2013

Buenos Aires Mountain Resort

Bago City was rich with beautiful resorts, one of those is the Buenos aires mountain resort.
It is one of the many tourist destination here in Negros Occidental because you can see there the beauty of nature. Its a very beautiful place and it was maintained by the Bago City local government thats the reason why the place is so clean.

You can see there many kinds of trees around and variety of flowers that you will surely love. And also the wind is cold. They offer open cottage for day time stay and at the hillside hotel  they have so many rooms with various sizes available for large or small group to choose if you want to stay overnight.

Has three swimming pools supplied with cold mountain spring water. They have an Olympic-sized swimming pool, kiddie pool and also a 4ft-6ft deep pool.There's also an river where for sure you will enjoy. You can do camping because its a very safe place. Its also has function halls where you can held seminars, retreats, parties and other special occassions.

Dont hesitate to go there because it is really a beautiful place.

Entrance fee:
Adult: P50
Children: P30

Overnight Rooms: P1,000 - P3,000

Daytime Cottages:
Pavillions : P500 - P1,500
Picnic Huts : P200 - P400